Spirituality Visualization



Spirituality asks us to allow our minds to accept things that we cannot empirically observe. This is difficult for many people: especially those who feel that they are in complete control of their lives.  This exercise is meant to bring forth feelings and observations around our mind’s universe.  This type of discussion will often lead us into expansion of our own reality and possibly progress our thoughts into the spiritual realm.



In a calm and quiet environment, one person reads the following in a soft tone and at a slow pace to allow all participants to be guided by the voice.


Read aloud:

Close your eyes: take a few deep breaths and relax.  Empty your mind of thoughts and listen to my voice… find a peaceful place and allow your mind to accept.  As I speak to you, try to visualize the objects I am describing in your mind’s eye:


We begin with a space devoid of all light, an empty place, an eternal space.


There is a tiny dot in the center of the space, a pinpoint of bright white light radiating all the colors of the spectrum with intense energy. This point represents a quark, a fundamental particle of matter, and the smallest object known.


Now zoom toward the speck of light and allow it to get larger and larger.  Now it is the size of a dime, now a baseball, now a basketball, zoom in faster until the light overtakes your vision and all you see is the intense whiteness of the light.


In the center of the white space is a blue dot.  The blue dot starts to grow and you realize it is the Earth.  The white space slowly changes to the blackness of space as the Earth grows until you can see the blue of the oceans, the greens and browns of the continents, and the whites and grays of the atmosphere swirling above. Realize that the Earth is alive with people, animals, insects and plants; and that there are vast oceans, mountains, desserts and plains.  And allow yourself to accept that all of these things are made from the same fundamental particles of matter carefully arranged for our understanding of our world.



Now the Earth begins to get smaller as we zoom out into our solar system; we pass by the red planet of Mars, then the gray and orange of Jupiter, then Saturn with its rings, then the blues of Uranus and Neptune, and finally past the cold blue ice of Pluto.  We continue to zoom outward until we can eventually see countless dots of light speckled on a surface of vast black space.


The dots begin to converge on one another as the Milky Way Galaxy is formed in our vision.  We continue to zoom outward until we see several other galaxies and begin to realize the vastness of space.  The galaxies get smaller and smaller as we continue to zoom outward and soon there are hundreds, thousands, millions of galaxies dotting a space devoid of any other light.


Eventually, all of the galaxies converge into a tiny dot in the center of the space, a pinpoint of bright white light radiating all the colors of the spectrum with intense energy.  And we accept that this tiny dot represents the quark, and we accept that our understanding of the vision in our minds eye right now is only defined by what we see in the visual spectrum of light waves, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and  violet.  And we accept that there is far more to this picture that we cannot see; radio waves, ultraviolet waves, gamma waves.  And that there are forms of energy, solids, liquids, gases and plasma that are not present in our vision but do exist.


And we accept that all things in this universe are bound together in some way.  And that all things are bound together in the present, and that nothing exists without the now.


And we accept that our understanding of this vision is achieved through the careful arrangement of fundamental particles of matter that comprise our brains, our thoughts and our emotional states.  And that, at this moment, our understanding is a part of a universal harmony.


Open your eyes and share your feelings and observations.

Serene Foundation